I Live In A Zoo

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” -Josh Billings

Happy Monday, everyone!  The weather is going to get up to 80 today so I just can’t complain.

I thought it would be a good topic today to discuss my current household situation.  I talk about my roommates and the animals a lot and I just use names which probably gets confusing.  So I figure it would be good if I went over all of the animals and people in my house.  The ones in red belong to me.

The People

  • Jesse & Katie
    My roommates/friends whom I live with.  They have been married for almost three years and have been rescuing animals for much longer than that.  Sometimes it seems like a zoo around the house with so many animals but it’s also very rewarding to help out.
  • Me

The Inside Zoo

  • Bella the female 2 year old beagle.  She is J&K’s baby.  She rules the house and has the tendency to be a bit of a spoiled brat, but is too cute for it to matter.  She LOVES having people over and playing with other animals (of all shapes and sizes).  She thinks everyone is her best friend.  She also has an iron stomach.  Once, she ate a whole bar of chocolate (and was fine).  She also once ate a whole pound of trail mix with m&ms & raisins.  One night, I had brought a large Papa John’s onion & mushroom pizza for us for dinner.  We sat it on the kitchen table and went on the porch.  We left Bella inside and when we came back in, the ENTIRE PIZZA and one garlic sauce was gone.  I kid you not, crust and all, the ENTIRE PIZZA and one garlic sauce was opened & licked clean.  A large pizza is literally larger than her entire body.  That dog can eat ANYTHING.
  • Tilly the 5 year old female red bone hound mix.  Katie rescued her from a couple who got her from the SPCA (she had been abused previously) but then decided to breed bulldogs and their bulldogs didn’t like her so they stuck her outside chained up all the time.  Katie adopted her and up until last week, she lived outside in our football-sized fenced in yard with the other dogs.  Our new annoying neighbors caused a dog fight and after several stitches and an expensive vet bill, she is an an indoor dog.  She never barks, listens well, and never whines.  She is a little untrusting at first but once you earn her trust, you can never get her to leave your side because all she wants to do is cuddle with you.  She is probably the sweetest, calmest, well mannered dog I’ve ever met in my life.
  • Dudley the male bearded dragon. 
  • Gumbi the female degu.  She is my favorite of ALL the critters.  A degu is a mouse-gerbil-chinchilla looking animal native to Chile.  She greets everyone who comes in the door, will come out when you say her name, and expects treats at regular intervals.  She has also learned that if we let her pick out a treat herself, she can sneak two or three in her mouth for later.
  • Marley a female cockatiel.
  • Opheila the female tabby we are cat sitting for our friend.  Due to the recent increase in animals, she has become very stressed out and is soon going to a new home.  She is the equivalent of an old grouchy woman who would hit a little kid with her cane.
  • Glaze a female white betta fish.
  • Bruiser a huge blue male king betta.
  • Chompers a spotted goldfish.
  • Zippo a corycat.
  • Bait a blue male betta.
  • Nelson a male catfish bottom feeder.
  • Jasper a spotted corycat.
  • Lucky a female gerbil.
  • Bandit a male gerbil.
  • Todd a male gerbil.
  • Dorothy a female gerbil.
  • Waffles a female calico.  Her babies are Yoda, Yoji, & Holmes.
  • Nala and her three kittens (yet to be named!)

The Outdoor Zoo

  • Red a male red tick hound mix/retired bear-dog.
  • Scout a young male redbone hound mix pup.
  • Callie aka Wog, Callie the Alley cat, Calliwog.  She is one of the female strays that was dumped at our house a few months ago.  We got her inside and (along with another) and found out they had all been spayed/nuetered.  She & her best friend, Fluffy, come inside sometimes and LOVE to be around us.  She is the most spoiled little stray brat cat because she prances around like a princess and absolutely LOVES dogs.  She is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen in my life.
  • Fluffy the male stray counterpart to Callie.  He is not as brave as Callie and has a cry that sounds like a little kitten but he is a huge gray fluffball.  If Callie is nearby, he is sure to follow.
  • Stella one of the female strays.  She is also a calico like Callie but is very shy and we only see her every couple of nights when she comes out for food.
  • PePé one of the male strays.  He only comes around once in awhile, like Callie.  These are the only strays we still see around.  We would like to tame the two up to be indoor/outdoor cats like Callie & Fluffy.

I know it’s kind of crazy but it sure keeps things interesting, lol.  Since the weather is so amazing today, I think we’re gonna take the dogs for a walk after work.  I want to start working out regularly again but due to my tattoo healing, I need to not move my arms frantically for awhile so Just Dance 2 is out, lol.

What kind of animals do you have at your house, and does it feel like a zoo or do you love every minute of it?

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4 Responses to I Live In A Zoo

  1. This is too easy…do I have any animals in my house? Ha :)

    I have one. He’s more difficult to take care of than your 25!

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